Tribal Benefit Plan - SunLife Financial ™

sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 8

I'd guess it would be kinda cool to have benefits when u join a tribe

Hypothetically speaking, your tribe leader could buy tribe bonuses or something like that such as maybe no gold limit? 0.5 more hp? respawning with half of your bones? having a an easter egg bird follow u around? i could go on forever but this is an opportunity for rezoner to make more money and (hopefully) hire another developer so the updates come at the game faster. 

im not sure about the prices that rezoners job


well maybe something finalncial and not like health... but chickens or gold gap limit breaker like half of it something something could be cool


Having more health,damage or speed would be to op but,as Brai said,bigger gold capacity or small chickens would be ok.Oh what about skins,or designable clothes for tribe members which tribe leaders would edit and making it wearable within the clan.


I'd prefer the no gold limit over anything else, Skins and designable clothes come second for me. I NEED those wings.

I'm not fan of wings cuz' they stand in shoulders height for some reason,but they also don't do anything.I'd rather have a cape.But that's my opinion.

Angel wings + crusader helmet + sword + silver shield = BEAUTIFUL!! But it also cost 26.400 gold...

Ok,another Cupid wings/crusader fan here.I'd rather wear silverish cape and hood,I don't need any fancy shields.I mean,in what world does archer wear shield apart from wilds?