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Many people buy items accidentally or buy an item they end up not liking at all. This leads to them getting frustrated knowing they've wasted their money.

I'd suggest making a mode that allows you to trade an item for another item you may want.

Now the problem with that is that someone can basically buy a skull with 10k gold and trade that skull for practically any item, so here's what I suggest:

Make it so that you can only trade an item for a similar item. What i mean is that you can only trade a weapon for another weapon, or a cape for another cape, or a hat for another hat, etc. 

Now we need to make it so that you can't trade a weapon for another weapon over and over. Maybe make a time limit for when you can trade again, or make a fee to trade items each time. 

Just to clarify: You can't trade an item for an item that cost more than it (example: you can't trade a spear for the claws because the spear is worth 2400 gold and the claws are worth 3000). Another thing: if you trade an item for an item LESS expensive than it (example: trading the claws for a hammer), then it will go through with the trade, but the left over gold will be kept and not given back to you. 

This is the best idea i could come up with for giving back an item you wasted money on without messing things up. Please tell me your opinion on this topic.


No trading weapons, only accessories

I'm completely fine with that
because i bought the demon wings (more like demon ears)


It gives your skull the power to hear demonic noises

Screw that guy,he doesn't even have wings or skull.

I love this idea, +1 because i know many people have been having a hard time with this.

Complex and hard to implement.

I love it +1


idk i dont like it 


This would only ruin the economy since players are meant to grind in this game just to achieve a item they desire. If we have this, what is the point of grinding if you can just get a item you want for trading in like 2 items? Seriously, Rezoner needs to eat. The economy is fairly balanced now and something like this might just ruin the fun.

Sorry, I object this.

This would be an interesting system.

We should at least try it.

Current system is good as it is.There's no need for trading some items for one another because,as I EAT RULES said,ruins the determined work and effort for players in order to earn something they worked hard for.For me,that's just not good.

Sorry for bump

Good idea, it also might work as refunding, i mean we could sell our weapon back but for a lover price (-200 gold or something) but i think its rather useless since there are very little players who are unsatisfied of their stuff

i was about to go back to this post and say that
just add refunds for half price back to u

i  like this idea, now that   people have much more items to trade, this is a good idea

lets also add a bunch of badges and trade them +1