Guys - cut the shit

Storm Crow 6 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 6 years ago 33

Guys, I feel like the forum has been going to shit recently, especially in the last week. The environment is just completely pathetic. A bunch of guys are chatting the hell out of the comments section of every post, and what's the response to this? They get "moderated" by some other dude, who is moderating by downvoting every comment they make that is not "wilds related". Guys, grow up. It looks like a bunch of little kids who have barely hit puberty have taken over. 

First off is the chatting. A lot of people(if I name names you're all are gonna get pissed and barely read the rest of my post. Besides, I'm not really mad at you guys, it's just annoying) You guys are just on too much. Get discord https://discordapp.com/ it's free and you can chat all you want there. Please try not to have more than 5 comments per post(it's okay if you have more, just keep the number down). It's okay if it's a little off the subject of wilds.io as long as you're not having entire conversations and you're still adding good, topic-related comments.

As for the "moderating" - I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST, you really have no right to "moderate" this; It isn't your forum. Especially if it is as you say, and the original user has really passed, it means that you are pretty much completely new to this forum, and so you really don't have a right be doing this downvoting thing to fellow forum members. The downvoting doesn't really help anything either. Sure, it lowers their star count and it gets them pissed at you, but it doesn't stop them.

So please, this forum was meant to help improve wilds, and right now it's sitting doing nothing. I haven't seen a new idea in days, and all the posts on the front page are flooded with comments, even the ones from months ago that got bumped.

-Storm Crow


i have plenty of ideas, i just dont post them because they wont get noticed

Any idea is better than a 5 months old post bump,use it to cover the bad posts

Yea,some of them should be warned.

Don't :b:oi to me and show some interest in this topic.


You guys are doing it again facepalm. one boi is enough

he wants to annoy people, that's what he does everytime

i think we all know who was talking a bit too much


yall doing exactly what storm crow said not to do

Image result for facepalm

Dammit guys.Didn't we all agree that we won't post unnecesary comments.


i think you guys just didnt get my point, so ill end it here

If so,you could just avoid this,but nvmd.

Rez is on a break, so we have a party!

But seriously, I'm thinking too that people is making this forum as chat, even rez noticed it some days ago, but I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST has no right to make his own moderation. This doesn't work, it's just annoying people. And they in future revenge on you raiding all your comments and topics. I don't know what to write here more....

+1 I agree.

I agree that the forum has been going to shit recently.

It's true, EAT RULES didnt have Rez's permission to do that.

When Rez come back will solve all the problems that are there

I hope so,this forum is screwed without him.

I noticed it.

You have luck i'm not moderator, cuz i'm checking forum everyday and some things should be fixed. But everyone know how busy is Rez, so Instead of messing around just sit, and try thinking what Exactly your comments/posts will add to the community and forum.

Egzekutor for moderator! Make the forum great again xD

But seriously it would actually be really cool if we had another moderator. I bet it would help rez.

I vote egzekuter

Me too,he's closest to Rez when it comes to game moderating.Press 1 in chat to show your wish for Egz's improvement.

Nah guys...

Rez is the creator of this game so he deserve to be the only moderator.

Im sure that Rez thought about this before you.

Ok,you may be right,but person who can be moderator needs to be closest friend or relative to Rez.If so there's no need to have a single person working on this game,unless they don't know eachother very well,if that's the case,then no need for Rez having assistant.

I like how he said he's not naming anyone, but went on to name "I eat rules for breakfast" XD