Yeti Buff

J4sh1n 7 years ago updated by Zagłoba 6 years ago 52

The poor yeti always gets killed so quickly, so I propose an idea to buff it. Here are my ideas:

  1. Give it more hp, maybe around 75-100 hp (Sgt Pain's idea)
  2. Keep the speed at the same level it is now, but make it turn faster
  3. Make a new attack for it, where the yeti picks you up and smashes you into the ground, where you would be stunned/stuck for 2-3 seconds (Sgt Pain's idea) (Yeti cannot attack you while you are stunned/stuck)
  4. Less damage from behind maybe? (Ophelia's idea)
  5. Implement pathfinding
  6. More spawnpoints (Definitely needed) (Ophelia's idea)
  7. Roping a yeti/ogre should pull you to it (Lone Warrior's idea)
  8. The yeti can roar and knock you off your feet (No damage dealt) (Lone Warrior's idea)
  9. They should always drop mystery box, a soccer ball, a random item, and hp and stamina orbs, but not everything everytime it's killed (Sgt Pain's idea)

like 1, 2,3/8(only one of them both are to OP together), 6 (must !!!!!) and 9


i like this idea! and the roar can be made quite good! :D

would the roar be able to be blocked or dodged?

well you cant shield his attacks and its not that big... so it should be possible to shield the Roar....

How to avoid roar attack: put on some EARMUFFS

How to do war cry: BILBOOOOOOOO!!!

woof woof

Yetis do need a buff... they so easy to kill... +1


can we just buff my buddy the yeti he keeps getting bullied and cant fight back very well

Maybe yetis should have energy turret on their back what can rotate so players can't kill yeti? It's a joke.

Btw,you want your drawing or not,I already finished it?

Let Very Seal make a topic about this drawing, and you have to be angry for making it "without your agree"

Or he can throw boulders,taking off half hp of player who will be stunned,but with great precision.

boulders would be really cool

Or even with small chance of decapitating you with one punch*Saitama approves*.

they should drop some coins to :)

And maybe even solid amount of bones.

How bout 10 bones for killing a yeti?

10 bones only after yeti buff

help thank

It's true the Yeti need a buff, the most important and first thing to do is to give him more hp... A little less than the ogre.

Like half of ogre's total hp to spice things up.

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