new shield

berserkerIL 3 years ago updated by ifram 3 years ago 25

like toke idea about capes (https://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3884-new-cape/)

the same way about shield 

the shield will change acording to your team 

that means:

browns - red shield with brown bear face on it

gray - silver shield with blue wolf face on it

black - black shield with goldish/gray badger/crow/any other animal that could much the black team

that is a draw of the shield (basic idea rez would make it better i shore)thnx again to Toke for the idea


This is good idea.+1 from me but,what will be with different shields such as silver one or metal chunked one?Will this also be changed according to team?

no it just one shield who change acording to your team the other will stay as is

Ok,so that means shields such as silver and one with metal chuncks will reamin as they ussualy are,without changing the color according to your team which will only effect the default wooden shield?

no the wooden shield would no change 

there will be a new shield that would change

And maybe hair colored with team - red hair color for brown team, gray hair color for gray team and black hair color for black team?

i dont mean the color will change acording to the team i mean the symbol on the shield will change 

(im not an idiot)

just a symbol? without color around it?

(I hope you aren't)

Or symbol with same color but only different outline?

(I hope you hope he isn't)

Yeah, this would fit better.

(Thanks for hope)

More tea? *offers you cup*

Yup, thanx again. *brings cup with tea inside it*


As long as I'm not ginger,I'm okay with this.

I just don't think that color (red, gray or black) should be on shields. Remember, the setting is set in a magical barbarian time. If Rezoner can somehow add shading to it, maybe I'll buy it and remove a dislike.    :/

its a draw i make on painter it is not going to look like that (if rez make it)

the important part is that the symbol of the teams (wolf/bear/black(dont know what the symbol is)) would be on the shield (like in GOT the soldiers have the symbol of their house on the shield) the colors dont realy matter

That would be coool. Maybe a shield that changes teams with you? Ex: a coward on brown team named ferret Lord  Snipes you, so you go gray team to kill him.your shield is at first black team, then gray team.

that is the idea

So basically you end up on the team you were beaten and if you beat team member,he ends on your team.So this can maybe be new gamemode:Tag mode.

no it a buyable shield with your team symbol on it(team symbols are - brown = bear - gray = wolf - black=crow/bager/ else..)

how much do you think this could cost?

something like 5000