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sushisling3r 7 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 32

currently im stuck on these 2 IMPOSSIBLE football quests and i hate it 

im sure other people also are stuck on quests that they have tremdous difficulty completing so what if you could skip a quest 2 times for 24 hours or just one quest skip every 12 hours

either way i been stuck on those 2 football quests for 3 days now on top of it being hard to get into a game in the first place WITH un-balanced teams



Right click to skip the quest.

me too !!!!!!!

bump, actually pretty important, considering most other games have this option.

Already have been planned. Search it up next time before you make a topic.


oh sorry my bad

there is a new quest added to your deck of quests every six hours, so i think you should be able to skip one every 24 hours. however you wouldn't earn the money for this quest and wouldn't get a replacement for it. players could save up there skips over time. there could be a maximum of 3 skips kept at a time and each one becomes a special skip if you leave it for an additional week.

a special skip would make you automatically complete the quest when you use it instead of simply skipping it . so you could collect the gold for that quest anyway.

nah i think special skip would be too confusing

i think it be better if the quest skip would cost money cause then people will realy fight on the quest and not break every time the quest is little hard

but when the quest is realy imposible they could skip it

maybe 10-100 coins?


In my opinion daily quest do not have to be easy, you have to work hard to get gold.

but soccer quests are an exception

-its hard to get into a soccer match in the first place due to lack of intreast

-the teams are always balanced you could be teamed up with doris and bomburs while the other team consists of rezak and mistodel

...and virtuoso. And Balin, of course.

whos virtuso?

Very good brutal football player. Once was a weird situation that virtuoso was on first place with golden cup rank, and 2nd place was silver ball. 2749 points. Oh, and he is also from.... I forgot where he is living...

Rezak and Mistodel arent good in football xD...but in arena yes.

In my opinion Hohoho or EDJI and me those who have more experience in football

We cant remember since we started playing it

Some time ago i was the number two with 692 matchs won and hohoho the first with 900 or more. (When the rank was not update).

1. hohoho

2. issa04


We remain the first three for the longest time.

If we are in the same team, no one can defeat us ... I assure you

i was using that as a metaphor...

I know ;b

4. virtuoso

Everyone forgot who is virtuoso! XD

English player 😉...But he's retired.

doris, bombur xdxddxxdddd


for the love of god im bumping this for too long have ive been stuck on these 2 cancerous soccer quests and being matched with afkers, not to mention getting into a soccer match is a once in a blue moon occurence

Ok,just calm down,don't rage through this.It's all up to Rez's choice between adding skip option.

:D lol i sound mad but i wasnt its kinda like trying to be sarastic in a text message XD

same thing happened to me

ive been stuck on these football quests for like 2 months alr :'(

You'll be in TOP 3 on leaderboard faster than you complete those football quests XD

To me the soccer quests do not find me much difficulty but when they play good rivals if it is a difficulty, but if you are not very fans of fútbsoccer it will cost a lot to get those quests. To me they cost me the sand because I never find a rival. I have to go to browars and it costs to win if it is a bad partner. I think what you should do is if you spend more than a day with those quests that you can remove.

a much needed bump

Ah for fck sake.Are these bumps really that necessary ?!


Right click to skip the quest.