Dash is problematic- here's why

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I feel like in the current state of Wilds, the dash devalues combat strategy and dash-related tactics make up a good amount of cheese in the game. When players have the ability to cover that distance instantly, with no windup or winddown, it makes mindful positioning sort of obsolete. It is also one of the things that makes the spear so bad: when other players have a way to close the distance with an attack, roll, special, or kick, the long range of the spear doesn't do it much good. Also, the shield dash is cheese. It looks like a block, but coverts instantly into an attack that counters roll.... yeah, that's not cool.

I'm not going to make any suggestions, i'm just putting it out there that dashing isn't helping the Wilds scene.


Shield bash doesn't counter rolling. Rolling goes through shield bash and does 1 damage.


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You have to read it..maybe it's a good topic .-.

This is a rather short post actually. There have been posts waaaaay longer than this. I think you're just looking for a reason to hate on radriarth

I never use shield bash, because it only does that I use shield and move two times a little. Dash is activating automatically for me - even when I do nothing I can dash because game wants that.


sorry to bump an old topic but dash is very strategic yes dashing+combos is hard to avoid but you can dash'em right back :D I think dashing adds to this game because you can only move up and down and sideways

Besides, dashing has a good cool down, and everyone can dash

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