Abusing Respawn Timer In Football

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If matchmaking wasn't enough, we have people who kill you when you don't have the ball. They kill people to prevent competition which is HELLA annoying. How many times have you died to some player that attacks others specifically? Football is not supposed to be like this. I am not going to point fingers but just killing players who do not have the ball in general is a dick move. To numb this dick move, there should be a reduced cool-down when you die so people don't trying to kill you to put you into a cool-down because that is just abusing the cool-down mechanic. The objective should be the goal not the players.


I'm not going to dislike, but I disagree with killing people to reduce competition. Killing people is a good way to add another element of skill to football. Making it about both surviving and scoring at the same time. Player kill each other since direct competition over the ball leads to it getting kicked back and forth and no one really scoring. If the players didn't kill each other it would be 4v4 over a tiny ball. THAT WOULD BE CHAOS MY DUDE. I'll have to disagree with you on this.

I never said remove the respawn timer. Plus, people do actually specifically kill others and it kinda sucks for the victim since all they want to do is score. They kill other players to put them out of action to buy enough time for others to score which is a cheese way to win...

", people do actually specifically kill others and it kinda sucks for the victim since all they want to do is score" that is your answer


You should know, this is not normal football. It's brutal football what mean you should know how defending not only ball, but also your teammates.

You know, people like Miah (who kills anyone he/she can get their hands on) make the game so un-enjoyable. Sure, unintentional kills are bound to happen but when they do it purposely is when I really start to rage. Also, how is this mode different than a average arena if players go for kills rather the goal? It's called abusing the respawn-timer mechanic, especially when you just respawned and someone like Miah hits you with a sword.

Honestly I think that a great fix is that you can only die to projectiles like items and weapons. If a person whacked you with a weapon, you get knocked back a fair distance.

This can kill one of the best mode in game. If you can't defend yourself in football match, you should find team which can help you. Possibilities of killing enemy players is the essence of this mode.

So I am guessing that I should be killing others? Sorry but that's a dick move. It's like putting people into time-out constantly.

Football is strategy and in brutal football  sometimes killing one or two defenders can win match, but remeber you also can defend yourself killing enemy.

if u coudant kill anyone they woud camp the gate

and if they are good u coudant do anything