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Tribe wars

Gizli Kalmalı (dElİd0lU) 2 years ago • updated by Brai 2 years ago 6

The best 3 players from Tribes battle against other tribes. 

This mode adds a little more fun to the game . I think game boring a few days ;(


Nice idea,it will be funny.

Wtf. I was thinking a day ago to post literally the titile Tribe Wars. But the description is more accurate.

Man,too bad because Very Seal and I won't be playing for some time,and I also sprained my wrist from lifting heavy chunk of concrete,which is pain in the ass.Also we need replacement(from Seal clan obviously).Great idea though.

Under review

I am not implementing something that affects less than 1% of players.

If you want tribe wars think about something that everyone in tribe can play not only 3 people.

I agree cuz not all members are active,a very few of them is active,which is lost cause of working on it.

mmm well, razoner said it, lets make a post about tribe wars, but sadly less than 1%  of the players are the top 3 on each tribe xD, well what about this, we put something were normal players can enter, but if you are in the same tribe as another person, you get in that color, the objective can be either kill the king that is hide in the oposite fort of each base, the game ends when 1 king is killed, or  when the time runs out and the player of 1 team with more bones makes the win, if 2 tribes have around 6 people on each team its full but if there is 5 and 6, a player that may be waiting to enter gets in that tribe place
you can make a "tribe wars" like literally that, you can put those catapults you wanted to put soem time ago,a limited amount of items shall be put but the usual 2 spots with mines,

maybe you can even put random weapons on each player to balance it. the king can be random too. well that just and idea, it does not have to be only for tribes, but the game will allow tribes to play first? i guess..  prize is either money or bones. that your next post for ya