Charged Attack

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Hello all, today I have the idea of making each weapon's charged attack unique. Here are my ideas:

  • The claw's charged would be a pounce, that when hits an enemy, pins them down and deals 1 damage.
  • The hammer's charged would be an uppercut, which knocks enemies backwards into the air/
  • The sword would be the default 360 degree spin
  • The spear would be a charge, where you hold your spear in front of you.
  • The axe's charged would be a 90 degree hit to the left or right, which would deal lots of knockback.

All the charged attack's damage would be the same as normal except for claws.


I did a post like this about 2 months ago, it never gained traction. My ideas were different though:

Axe: slam the butt of the weapon into the ground,attacking enemies that are on the ground who otherwise can't be hurt. Mild damage.

Hammer: a nasty sideways blow that knocks enemies back slightly, and spins them around a few times from the impact. Moderate damage.

Sword: a lunge/thrusting strike that drives you ahead, but you have to stop moving in order to initiate the attack. high damage, hard to hit successfully.

Spear: a wide-angle sweep that hooks people off their feet at good range, a common technique in spearplay. Moderate damage

Claws: a throw attack that did moderate damage upon the enemy landing (threw the enemy behind you) and hurt anybody the enemy hit. You would have a second to aim it. Moderate damage

As far as the 'mild', 'moderate', and 'high' damage thing goes, I was thinking that 'mild' did 1/16 damage, 'moderate' did 2/16 damage, and 'high' did 4/16 damage (which is equal to one melee attack with axe). Each 16th represents one health orb.

I really like your ideas, but I just tossed mine in here so people could see that diversified charge attacks could be really unique.


hmm i like ur ideas, but the damage kinda seems a little low, but thats just my opinion

Yeah, the damage was low on my charge attacks because in my eyes charge attacks should be utilitarian and useful in other ways besides doing raw damage, such as disrupting or re-positioning your enemy. I don't like the idea of any standard, non-item attacks doing over 4/16 damage, that's what the old charge attacks were like and it was hell, and before when attacks did 1/3 damage people died too quickly.

Same thoughts it seems. Ideas like this have been circulating for a while.

Pretty good idea. But this also need new sprites what is not happy info for Rez :p

write me for +1

Funny what one person can recommend is exactly what SOMEONE ELSE may have said and get more than a second thought from more people. Other than that, its a great idea. Definitely add to the dynamic of the game.

Here it usually depends on how fast a post gets buried, I guess mine lasted a bit longer, plus I keep bumping it with comments like these

i would really like the to throw the spear...

spear isn't that popular lately...

"spear? there's spear in this game? I didn't knew.." XDDD

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How would the axe charge-up work? You said it could either be a 90 degree attack to the left or right, so would it be aimed somehow?

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I think Rezoner has seen this...

I kind of like the charge attacks right now :( But I also like this idea.

We should at least try these different charge attacks.

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It also happens to me, I wanted at all costs that Rez realize my idea (Public arena in fort) but from that topic I understand that what I did is a childlike attitude that annoys Rez and does not help to improve the game. So please stop Toke.

I know it's annoying for me to keep bumping this over and over, but I really just want one of my ideas to be completed

The same thing is happening to me and I recommend you not to do it, it will come time for Rez to complete one of your ideas.

You have to understand that Rez has a lot to do now but in my opinion it will not leave this idea.

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I dont know... I kind of like the charge attacks that we have now

Oh shit, I already said that.

I mean, they're all the same, and it would be a bit interesting if the attacks were unique. Especially for spear

Plus the charged attack is kind of annoying if you spam it, so maybe cooldowns of 2-5 seconds?

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just realized that rez added my idea for the spears charged attack

can we add the rest now

  • The sword would be the default 360 degree spin 
  • GREAT archers are not the only charged attack spammers now :/