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Football matchmaking is broken!

BlackDiamondPL 7 years ago updated by J4sh1n 7 years ago 14

No matter how many times you try to switch, most of the times there are teams of 4 experienced players vs 4 new players (most cases you). I joined matchmaking and 4/4 (4 joins out of 4) there was experienced's team vs new's team


well there are some that wont stop doing that, so that makes another people do it too..

100% agree and have seen this first hand. 

Log into my experienced account and I get all experienced players on my team.

I immediately log into a guest account and I get paired up with all guests versus experienced players.

It has nothing to do with players teaming up, but something got changed with the matchmaking system since the last patch for the worse. Instead of balancing teams evenly it just puts all the experienced players on the top team. 

Please look into!  

Under review

What is your football score?

Hi Rezoner. Please check out this post since this is the first time I've seen you reply to this issue.


There are a few problems with football. Most pressing is the broken balancing. All top ranked players without a group get grouped together. Second is some bug that makes the game not start even though there's more than 8 people in queue. Third is that the grouping system isn't the best because players will be often left out together if there's more than 8 people in queue (come to think of it, this might be why games won't start, if there's a group in queue and more than 8 people with it but less without it, just a theory). Also, if there's a lot of people there's no way to make sure you'll get to play against a group you want to play against. That's why I came up with a system I describe in the linked post. You don't have to address it that way, but it would be good if you could at least fix the first two problems so the current system works the way it was supposed to.

Generally this happend when players join to football match using the same matchmaking tag.  When they all time playing in one team others not have much chances for win.

Top ranked players without a group tag will get grouped together since balancing got broken. So the best players don't even have to coordinate tags to curb stomp the opposition. Taw and I have been tagging together just so that we would get some challenging games because than we're up against whoever is high ranked but doesn't have our tag.

bump becuz i keep getting put against pros like dead wolf and brai


Aren't you pro yourself? This would make sense.

I only get matchmaked against strong teams when I log out and use a guest account. As soon as I log in I am placed on strong teams versus all guest players

i dont play football much