Lobby team creation in football matchmaking

Herr 7 years ago updated by issa04 7 years ago 4

So football is still going steady with about as much players as it always had but since gold rewards got introduced something got bugged and it it has been hampered by poor balancing. Now all the best ranked players without a group get grouped together and curb stomp the opposing team if there aren't more than a few skilled players in a game. This results in easy wins and easy gold over suspenseful and fun matches.

There has been a thread called "custom soccer team" on which I commented and expanded on the idea. The thread didn't get notice from Rezoner so I'm making a new one in hopes we work out a way to improve football matchmaking and make it more fun and appealing for everyone.

The idea there was to implement lobby team creation. Upon entering a queue, a player gets into a lobby where he can start a new team or  join an existingone. When joining a team, the person who started it gets a prompt to accept or reject the player. If there is no response, the player gets accepted by default after 20 seconds. Multiple teams could exist in the lobby. The team is full at 4 players. When two full teams are formed, they get matched up. After the game, rinse and repeat. It might seem complicated, but all it would add to the player joining the queue is one more click to either start or join a team. Upon joining, it would make no difference whether you wait in lobby or in game. And if you're the one who started a team you could still be afk or in-game, because the players would get accepted in your team by default after 20 seconds.

As always, easier said than done. I'm not the one doing the work. But I think the proposed system isn't too complicated and would improve the mode.

Also, there is a bug for which I don't know what causes it but it makes the matches not start for very long periods of time even though there's more the 8 people in the queue. Things only get going again when the queue gets to 16.

True i noticed it also. Sometimes you have in queue full team and more and match not starting...


It would also be a great solution to the currently bugged football matchmaking coding. Rez seriously needs to at least check it. After all (as Herr H. said in this topic) a lot of users play football mode, including a many guests that are probably brand new players (that get very discouraged after a few defeats due to the umbalanced matching system.)