Cutting Trees

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It is known that you can get wood by cutting trees with an axe. But why only an axe?

Axes have sharp sides that can easily cut through the bark of a tree.

But so does a sword. Why cant a sword cut a tree for wood?

A hammer can break down trees, too!

It just doesn't make that much sense that you can only cut trees with one weapon.

I would just like an opportunity to earn wood with more weapons, because many don't want to have to switch to a weapon they probably don't even want to use.

._. try to use a hammer to get wood and come back, same with sword. or a spear, or magic, or bows, try it

you can use claws to cut bushes tho

A hammer makes sense, but swords were never designed to chop wood. If you try to chop down a tree with a sword all you will get is a bunch of splinters and a half hacked through tree.

as well as a dull and broken sword

I think it's a way to promote using axe more and makes people who don't log in have somewhat more of an advantage. Maybe hammer could be used to bash down trees, but axe should also be able to break the fort gates, so it's not obsolete. 

Just wait when you got possibility of change weapon in warehouse inside the fort ;]

Yeah, I see it in first days after this update..

-Wut dafuq?! He had sword, now he has bow! CHEATER!





An axe has a sharp edge for cutting wood

A sword has an even sharper edge

An axe has additional weight on the top to get enough force to cut wood

A sword has evenly distributed weight on the entire weapon for easier handling


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