Can't collect coins

0utro 7 years ago updated by berserkerIL 7 years ago 7

Most of the time when I collect coins my total coin count doesn't go up. Sometimes when I refresh the page it'll start working again, but then it'll usually stop again.

The reasonable explanation is that you have reached your daily limit for the day. You will be able to collect about 200 more the next day. It is only 200 gold because... idk probably taxes or something.

Taxes lul.

Rezoner pretty much steals 200 gold coins from your gold limit storage then?


I think he even raised the gold cap for how much i remember.

It happens as soon as I start playing on any given day before I've collected any coins though.

The gold cap is actually 1200, and it goes down by 200 or 300

it is 1200 for a week some if you get to this limit wait for next week

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