What am I working on.

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Ahoy guys!

I am working on the mini quests as it got a lot of upvotes and solves gold problem for new players - however it's a hard thing to implement so be patient. I am moving out to a new place this week so it slows me down a bit :) Anyway this is how it is going work

There are 3 decks of quests - easy, medium and hard - each gives an adequate amount of gold.

Player is able to pull a quest from any of these decks - he can hold up to 3 quest cards. There is a weekly limit of 21 quests.

Quests are like - win an arena fight without dying once, or finish 3 people with a kick in one game.

If you have suggestions go for it and comment.

This sounds great, Rezoner!

However, I feel that there could be some abuse, and if the gold rewarded is big enough, fort or Ruins will just turn into people dying to fulfill other people's quests in return for the same.

Do you have anything planned to counter this?

Under review

Nope, do you?

maybe making that you cant do it on memebers of your tribe?


i know how to counter it. make it so players can only do 1 quest of each level per day. that way players wont abuse it. yet they would still get on for there daily quest. perhaps pay 25 coins for easy 50 coins for medium and 100 cons for hard. if you complete all of them then you get a bonus 25 coins. so you could potentially earn 150.

also make the quests interesting like:

kill 5 players without taking any damage (hard)

hold the fort for 15 minutes (medium)

collect 3 special chests before dying (hard)

kill a player with one shot using knives (easy)

also i would like to say that it would help a lot because whacking chests open or wood cutting is boring.

I mean does it really matter, as long as people play. I mean gold isn't that useful right now anyway, it can get you weapons and cosmetic equipment, but what's the harm in that? Its not like they will unlock that much faster with the help of quests and even if they do, it will only enhance gameplay. I stick to using claws and I don't even care about money.

As of right now, there really aren't many ways in which you can prevent people from cheating the system.

In arena you loose gold and precious rank points, so I doubt anyone would like to forfeit.

Then, I think that the gold reward should become more competitive. There should a 1 quest per 55 minutes loop and basically, it is a quest available for everyone to complete and whoever completes the quest first gets a sizable sum. Once it is completed, you'll have to wait another 55 minutes just to get another quest,  giving other players another chance at this. This is a excellent method because it eliminates the "trading" aspect and promotes a "every man for himself" feel. Essentially, if one decides to aid one in completing a quest, only one person will receive a reward every 55 minutes.

I have another idea, how about a quest for the whole server? Like, "get to 100 kills in under 10 min" or something like that. The first person to get 100 kills would earn more gold than a personal quest, say 250. There could be 1 every week or so.

Quests are a good idea to remove tensions between people fighting over gold all the time in fort game mode.

I don't even bother getting gold there -_-

just run around picking up items and trade them in for gold, I don't feel tension.


Quest idea:kill someone using a guillotine

i´ve done that 10 times ._.

Kill someone using guillotine when same person is grappled

i'd love to see quests in-game


Mission Name: Clean up crew

description: Kill 10 bots



Mission Name: SWUEAP IT

Description: Steal people's items


Mission Name: Be an asshole

Description: Be pretty much everyone.

Lul another joke.

mission name: YOU ARE NOT PREPARED

description: get 100 bones and kill 10 players

Did any new weapons come out besides Hammer, Axe, Sword, Bow, Staff, Spear, Claws?

Sorry I'm gone.

And maybe 

Mission Name: Thirsty

Description: Drink ten potions without dying

P.S. I won't be on Wilds or Discord anymore. ._.

maybe i'm going to say it one more time: dat bump thoooooooooooooo

1. No, and it would of taken you under 15 seconds to check that by going into the game and looking into the armory.

2. You are aware that there is a way to buy health potions...

3. Bye.

Er... About that. Life is complicated, mate. 

And so what? Even if there is a way to buy health potions, the mission could be easier than others.

Mission Name: Drunk Man

Description: Drink 100 haste potions, 30 stamina potions and 15 negro...cough..mirage potions.

This can take long time...

Nah, I needed 20 minutes to drink 200 potions (I was counting, I don't care what's wrong with me xD), so this is ez pz.


But this can be booring for players and they can avoid this quest. They should be Interesting enough for keep player in game, and when some player see quest "drink 150 potions" he can just fk this.

At first, this mission was a joke. And at second, this mission would be really boring, but you don't look at it, and after some time- Oh, I did this quest!


Heh in this case no problem. But drunk man sounds good and this quest can be used, but with less amount of potions which player must drink.

What's so complicated about typing "wilds.io" into the browser then with a couple clicks look into the armory.

Also your idea is kind of pointless, I mean it's really obvious and Rez would probably think of something better anyway. 

what im confused

I'll just say I'm like Tilde/CircularScribble. You could ask someone like Legion if you want about him, or just not care.

I not have any info about it, but maybe.

Quest Name : Ogre Roar

Description : Kill an Ogre!

This is either a medium quest , or a hard quest...

Depending on the player

one player is fighting with him long time, there come second player when Ogre has 2 hp and kills him. Quest completed! ( -.- )

Still possible :p

I would consider that a pretty easy quest, all you have to do is get one hit on him and then kite him to the gilloutine...