Bounty Hunting

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This is similar to Egg's idea about daily quest, but how this works is that you put a quantity of money on someone's head and then people will try to claim that bounty (the same as how GTA 5 has the bounty system). It is essentially a player making "quests" of their own without the developers making them.

Initiate bounty on someone's death + Reward( 500 coins minimal to discourage players abusing this mechanic. Also the player with a bounty on his head can't kill himself to claim the reward ) = MANHUNT

Hunt who you want. Friends, strangers, etc.

Credit to:


For helping me expand on your ideas

Woah woah woah. Wait. I did any similar to yours idea? O_o


this sounds like everybody is gonna try and get galactus or rezak for diferent reazons

I wasn't think about this...

It was to help players get gold in a unique way.

I've forgotten about Galactus.

what about bounty  on the leader 

like if you kill the leader you get 20 coins or something like this

why the dislikes ? i believe that this idea has a pretty good potential, but the problem is some players might target only one guy, like braian said.

a bit to much money for a bounty. after all players die all the time in the game.