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A little addon to bulletin boards.

StrikerOG 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 15

Hey guys, Its StrikerOG! I think that we should have another section added to the leaderboards for how many likes your tribe gets on your bulletin board. Other wilds.io players would give a heart to any tribe bulletin board they liked. I think this would be a nice addon to wilds.io for people that don't want to fight right then but want to get a rank on a leaderboard. I think this could be a great new "game mode!" Anyone that doesn't like this idea, please tell me why because I would love to know what everyone thinks. Thanks for reading :)

And I'm off



I like it :3

i dont get it

so you mean you get liked by how nice you are to others instead of calling people noob and be known as that triba be known as the triba that helps and is always nice

just the way i took it

well i worked hard on mine to atract people to come to my tribe and discord...  so idk

Under review

I like the idea of rewarding tribes for having a nice bulletin - the only thing is - the tribe with population of 100 will for sure get 100 likes ;)

Thanks for replying Rez, means a lot.

that´s the judges for! ok no

Well, we can make it that you can't vote for yourself :)

Right? xD

Sure, i was thinking about it. This can solve problem with bumping tribe rating, in which you are.

Wait. What means bulletin?