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All about the ranks!

Paradoc 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 22

1) Daily Rank Loss

I personally HATE the inactive daily bone loss. There is no reason for this except for some cheap cheating scums that we can easily deal with. How about the other people? The people that enjoy the game but can't play because of some reason?(me) There should be no bone/rank loss everyday. My rank is probably trash right now.

2) Player Profile

There should be a player profile for everyone. I don't even have to explain this. And this should go well with Egg's idea of daily challenges. http://wilds.userecho.com/topics/3188-daily-quests-good-way-for-keep-players-in-game/

3) Rank Pictures

Many people don't know the order of the ranks. And by that, I mean those mini bone symbols that represent ranks. There are many of these symbols, but most people don't know if that one with the crossbones is supposed to mean a high rank, or a low rank. I personally do not know what rank I am hehexd

These ideas should overall improve the playing community for wildsio, and make it more like a real game. 

If you dislike, explain why. If you agree, ++++ all the way


The rank decay system I agree is a little harsh but I feel that it was necessary because players that got insane scores would tower over the others. This method helps players catch up.

The insane scores are made by dedicating pros, no need to try and lower them.


You should thinking also about new players. If scores going too high, new player could never reach top. And with current scoring method, top players can dictate scores, and everyone can fight for top. 

Also inactive players can slowly make place for active players in rankings.


Going back up again is hard work. Not many people play ranked games in my point of view. 

In other game leader boards, the decay function is not used. SO new players will still have to work hard and go up. Why can't wilds be like other multiplayer games?

Because its Wild.

Dont comment just to have a comment.

I dont think the rank decay is harsh at all. It is not like you are the only one getting the decay, it just means that the higher your score goes, the harder it is to get up ranks. The rank symbols for everyone stays the same despite the decay because the top player also gets his score deducted, and this allows for anyone to have a fair chance at getting to the top. While before it was how much you can grind all at once, now its how much can you grind and how long can you keep it up

For people that play everyday, they stay. And people that rarely play, they lose their ranking.

I think the players that dont play THE ACTUALL GAME ITSELF for lik 3 or 4 days should get the loss. 

I just think there shouldnt be this kind of system

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I hate that i lose bones every day. It makes me look like i have made no progress.

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you don't loose bones - its only for ranked games

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