Arrow nerf makes no sense

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Why did you remove arrow control? Were there complaints that bows were overpowered?

In my opinion this nerf makes no sense, I would rather see a nerf to the zoom capabilities instead.

Bows shoot terribly slow and have less damage, their melee hit does very little damage, you can easily kick the projectiles away and even when the projectile hits a person from behind if they have performed a kick it still sends the arrow away despite the direction of their kick and clones shoot each other when not playing on a team. There are so few advantages to using a bow, you had range and you had arrow control but arrows that shoot in a straight line are pretty easy to dodge.

When you are comparing archer to icemage I personally feel the one advantage archer had over it was the arrow control, but now I might as well go icemage for faster shots and stun.

when you shoot an arrow with a bow in real life, i believe it goes straight

Plz don't give me the realistic argument, this is a game and the mechanic made sense and was fair. If you'd like to discuss how it may have been unfair in terms of gameplay value then by all means please do.

It was basically aimbot.

Wow. Did ice mage exist in real life?

but wilds is just a game

where the speed pots at

I disagree all everything you said

And you disagree because why? At least stating your reasons would be nice and thoughtful towards the betterment of the game. Maybe I would agree with you if you would just say why. It's a fact that kicks deflect projectiles regardless of the direction you are kicking and it's a fact that archer clones will kill each other.

Are you new? use clones and bow to play? in my opinion arrow in straight line is better than arrow curved is very weird and confused and no make sense


dude we dissagree cause the first bow was going straght if we add back this we cant NOOSCOPE from a longgggg direction you see and sorry but i shoot whit bow (in reeal life) and the arrow go straght


If I'm not mistaken the arrow nerf is taking away the arrows curve in air when you shot it right? I am pretty sure this was removed due to the fact that that the arrows homed in on other players making  them extremely hard to dodge, pairing it up with a bunch of clones, it only made matters worse for prey. Imagine being chased by 5 clones with curving arrows, very few people would stand a chance against it, in other words everyone(me included) would be absolutely screwed.

Yeah that's correct but it's not that they were like homing arrows, but rather the curve of the arrow would follow the mouse reticle meaning there was a little more skill involved than simply auto aim at their target. I do get your point though especially regarding the clones but it's no different for ice mage really, you could just as easily build up clones and spam the ice attack for the same outcome.

I feel the true culprit to the issues you take with archers are more-so to do with the fact that you can zoom out so much as an archer and fire at players while you are entirely out of their field of view. This combined with arrow control was what made them more powerful than they should be.

It is also still a large detriment to archery when the archer clones will damage eachother when you're not playing on a team. This does not happen with icemage's attacks.


The clone shooting each other thing wasn't patched? Last time I played with the bow and arrow with clones, I don't remember shooting any of them, then again I did stop playing for a long time.

If that was an issue awhile ago while playing on a team then maybe it was yeah, but when you pick no team your clones still damage each other.

Wilds.io is supposed to require skill. The arrow nerf was necessary. Besides, if you zoomed out, you could control your arrows so that they would hit the target. I honestly think that you are just upset about the arrow nerf because you are perhaps a Bow and arrow main?


As you can see someone disliked this topic and also THERE WERE LOTS AND LOTS OF COMPLAINING ABOUT THE FACT THAT BOWS+ CLONES IS OP AS HELL..

The kick issue is actually a pretty big bug because it makes the roll or the projectiles from behind pretty... USELESS.

The thing about ice mage is that it is pretty much better than bow right now. Actually, the only thing that made bow good was the clone potion, if you have a pretty good aim bow still can be good.

The clone friendly fire bug also needs to be resolved.

And also how in the f*ck do you want to nerf zoom capabilities. Thats literally the 5° worst idea i´ve heard, zoom isnt what makes ranged weapons OP it is the player that is getting attacked´s reaction and if he/she is able to handle that situation (that is why i spam kick A LOT)

Also it is YOUR opinion some other people actually liked this nerf either because it was cancerous, annoying or they were just noobs that don´t know what kick is and that they can use it.

Aside from that this is well explained, just as your comments.

You can do great things just be.. creative but this is a pretty legit first post tho.

See if you can do some ideas for balance/weapons/gameplay/hats nad some other things i asume that they´re going to be pretty good.

I trust in the fact that you can have great ideas.


                                                                                                    -Ifram- someone that was inactive for a LONG time.


I just don't see how arrow control has anything to do with bows and clones. Bows and clones are as dangerous in the same way ice mage and clones are. You are given the capability to spam a range attack and the spots you are aiming don't even matter too much at that point, arrow control has very little to do with that.

Zoom definitely makes ranged weapons at least somewhat overpowered otherwise you wouldn't have dudes crying when they get killed off screen by zoomed out players. I get a lot of off screen kills on players who are totally unaware of my presence, all of the sudden my arrows/ice fly at them while they are distracted fighting someone else and it honestly makes getting kills incredibly easy. Most certainly arrow control made this easier.

Ya I do realize even without zoom you can use the dots to determine a player's position but this is definitely not as accurate as when you are zoomed out nor are you able to tell if you are hitting an object between you and that player.

It's apparent to me that many players in this game find the ranged aspect distasteful and would prefer it to be an entirely melee game, so to that end I'd say why have the zoom function at all.

Also sorry if i was a bit uncoherent or i added something that hadn´t anything to do with this it was 10:23 and well i was kinda asleep.

I agree with you ifram.


If your a lazy #@Q@ you wouldnt complain mate. The wand is trash we all know it so be quiet cause when only 1 or 2 of you shots hit its defenitely better than bow ;)

Your sentence is confusing so I can only address the coherent part, sorry. Yeah the ice mage is pretty bad it's difficult to get kills with it when you aren't utilizing clones but I am saying all this knowing full well at this point it would still be a better choice over an archer without arrow control. The only decent aspect of archer now would be the fire arrow due to its speed of attack.


Are you complaining that you don't want to move on to other weapons? Sounds like you rely on Bow and arrow a lot.

The bow will never be balanced because range does not belong in a game like Wilds. Neither will the staff. The solution? stop playing bow.


Honestly I don't care because all you have to do is kick back the arrow. An experienced player like me can still kill people with bow


An experienced player can kill anyone with anything, I hardly view that as an argument against arrow control. Personally I just wanted to know the thoughts behind its removal and not from speculating players I mean.


That's the point!!!! The goal is to get comfortable with everything and if you just stuck to bow and arrow, why would you go to other weapons if you can dominate others with just bow and arrow? It would make the game too easy. You are just upset that you can no longer "spam" guided arrows.


You are probably a person who used clone potions to spam guided arrows.


"An experienced player can kill anyone with anything."


"An experienced player can kill anyone with anything."

Maybe I simply enjoy being an archer. I dominate with a bow because I practiced at it, not because I can or can't spam arrows so no I am not upset about that, I just don't think arrow control was that unfair of a mechanic.

If it's any consolation my name in-game is BadgerBunter and I did have players tell me before that I am a good archer.


Well I think it's time you open your eyes to other weapons like the hammer.


You were only a good archer because you had guided arrows. You just don't want to make the switch.

Nah, I will play however I like.


Sorry buddy. The arrow nerf will stay.


I don't care how you play as long as you aren't a runner (coward). Just stop complaining about the arrow nerf. I don't care if you use Bow and arrow.

Why are you spamming dude, calm down. I don't mind if it does or not.


Because this complain should have never existed.


Just deal with it. :)

There is nothing wrong with this thread, I've outlined everything quite reasonably and even pointed out some flaws that still need to be fixed regardless of how players feel about arrow control or ranged or what have you. This post is totally valid.

Dude, arrows do the same amount of damage as a hammer.


Nope. Arrows deal 2 dmg when Hammer deal 2.5 dmg :p

Still very close... :P


Ladies, respect each others opinions. DOnt be jeffrey wong he be like : ur opinion is irrevalent

and beanie is doing a gj in containing saltyness

Yeah because I am not salty in the least lol, I can still and just did dominate with a bow for awhile because I got good at it and because of the zoom like I had already stated. As I also had stated before I simply feel that the arrow control is not the cause of why bows are overpowered, the zoom is. Arrow control just capitalized on the zoom feature is all. I liked arrow control and I am sad it is removed.

Zoom I think should stay because the current default screen really limits your view.

I have to say I support you 100% and am amazed at the ignorance of the people commenting, ignoring your argument. However it might have been better if you listed more solutions than just point out issues, because most that use bow (minus the idiots here) are well aware that bow is super underpowered right now. I LIKE

(Also most of the commentors here are known as idiots so its better to ignore their comments instead of wasting brain power to answer them)

well let me say this if you think fighting up close with a bow is smart its not you need to keep your distance and use zoom. Like what most people say this is not what wilds was in the first place I have never seen someone move an arrow IRL while in mid air i also do a lot of bow hunting.

I know its not a game but still if you use bow the you need to get used to judging when to shoot not moving your arrow back and forth.


Am i known as an idiot? whispering ¨abort mission abort mission they discovered me i repeat¨ ahhhh yes i guess i am.

Not at all ifram, I thought your response was excellent. Don't get why my reply to your response received a downvote though. Really I don't understand why any of my replies received a downvote because I am not being rude or anything I am just trying to have a serious discussion regarding arrow control.

I am still doing fine with a bow without it but I do feel the change was unnecessary and unfair. Ranged attacks can be blocked, they can be kicked away, no team clones STILL shoot each other as archer and most melee weapons have special abilities that prevent you taking damage from any attack. Sword spin for example can be dashed after use, protects you entirely from damage and has a 360° area of effect. Claw special also prevents damage and can be used from a fair distance. It's harder to play as icemage than it is archer but I think a lot of people give archery a little too much credit, it's not easy to play a good archer either.

I also dont know why your response received TWO downvotes i actually upvoted it for the sake of it.

As i said the bug SHOULD be resolved, i also played with bow some time and my clones shooted each other. I think that this bug is being produced by being in none team, let me explain. Clones are taken like another player and when they are made by a no-team player it counts as another no-team player. The error here is that they are just hitting each other by being in none team, therefore believing that the other clone is an enemy.

And yes its actually quite hard to be an elite at ANY weapon.

I actually use the icemage in a pretty weird way because im better at it in melee range than actually range itself lol.

Yee, I want the arrow control back. It is not op, because you don't have complete 360 control over it. And about how it's not "real life," that argument is stupid. Hey what's this? A sand worm and some sanic pots?(speed potions)

Arrow control made sniping really fun :D. Now the bow requires way more skill and timing when using, and is definitely harder to use. It's also harder to kick back the arrows, so I don't really care about how the arrow mechanics work

Don't worry about all the hate you're getting, man. What matters is that you're contributing and doing good work on the forums. And you're staying chill despite the hate. Keep up the good work :)