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Do more damage?

Lava Hyperion 3 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 27.05.2020) 3 years ago 9

can we do more damage then what is equal to a punch on another player to these be moster like things.

its hard to kill them considering they can throw you and jump on you and use the same specal as the hammer and you cant block.

where are his hands?

I personally haven't fraught them enough to agree or disagree with you. They're relatively new, so perhaps the mechanics interactions may need to be tweaked, not just the damage. I think that they were implemented to be a lot harder to kill then the bears/yetties are, so the massive damage is probably intentional.

is it possible to jump over the 'wave'?

Under review

You can jump over the wave
You can block their attack
They can only throw you if you fall down

thanks for the tip

its a little harder when there's more then one but thanks for the tips

i dont think so, it must be hard. if you dont like them ask egz for some yetis xD


I never saw them in action (I didn't even saw them :/) so I can't vote for this topic or against. But not when Rez gave tips how to fight with this big guy, I'm waiting for Mr. Ogre. *100 years later...* I'm dying but I wanna see 1 thing more.. Mr. Ogre from wilds... XD