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Rezoner in Elite tribe

UgandianWarrior 3 years ago updated by savage doge 3 years ago 7

Well in curious why is REZONER in The Elite tribe and not in any other tribes..

And Ecolized (the tribe creator) can try new stuff and test it with Rezoner ! 

How know that Rezoner is ib Elite tribe?

I saw him m8 playing a few months ago....

Plz daddy Rezoner notice me ! XD

Go to Seal with it, now! Otherwise I will... I don't know.

oh and its probably a rezoner wanna-be

Rezoner can change tribe in any moment and use everyone tag. Also info about ecolized as tester Is sucked from the finger.

Under review

I don't remember but I think Ecolized has lost the tribe at some point or something and I have blended in as a member to check if it is working. I think I am in WILDS clan now

wilds clan is discord?