Spring Trees

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Image 1167 possible spring tree.

For this week the Idea i have is spring trees. Spring has Sprung and trees would just make the wilds map So much more colourful and vibrant it would also add contrast.

Spring trees would have flowers etc and they would be a visual object. (They would be decorations). The trees right now are really dead. I feel spring trees would just IMPROVE on these trees a whole lot more. How would it be if there was a giant tree and there were crates under neath etc for players to break and get things.

Overall Spring trees would add contrast to wilds (or not idk up to rez Well if he decides to use it..) and brighten things up, they could be used creatively for player spawns etc. It would be a big improvement on the trees right now as they are a bit bland I suppose.

Thanks for reading! In my opinion I just would like some spring trees to brighten up wilds and they could also be used for other different things like player spawns etc. If you have any ideas on how they should look or what they could add leave a comment.

If down vote say why.
(@rezoner i beg of you great developer please add spring trees I feel that they would make the game lovely.)


I think the trees are dead to emphasize the "ruins" quality, hence the name of the mode.

The name of the game mode is not telling anything about looks of the map.

Wow. This logic. (to uros)

And evasive, have a well earned updoot

mhmmh K how about a fusion and there has been vegetation in ruins before why is that not dead? EG: The vine walls

good point


Image result for ruins



Anyways I dont wanna pull a seva but seriously vegetation would make the game better and more lively the fruit baskets seriously look out of place.

I completely agree with this - We have a couple pixel artist who I think would be ecstatic to help.


Heres a tree i made


Hay cart anyone I think its crap.


Nature will be useful to game

Seriously I think people are just jealous of the idea. SO FAR i have had no criticism except evasive which I later debunked it makes no sense for there to be 5 dislikes or whatever if you have criticism say it. Point proven

I still upvoted though

I think it's a good idea, but on another type of terrain, more natural

hey Janusz you think you can work on this please?