Stamina Potions

Bigness 7 years ago updated by Gamewarrior2121 7 years ago 8

Something small: you know when you pick up a health potion when your health is tarnished and your inventory is full? Your health will still be filled when there is no space in your inventory. That should happen with stamina potions, your bar should be filled when picking up a potion with no room for it. (I know picking up health potions while damaged and having space in your inventory will still fill your health, but that shouldn't happen with stamina potions. That can be annoying when you want to carry the stamina potion around with you, since they are better suited for that than health potions).

heck yeah this is really needed

i saw this just as it was posted


Good point


I agree in 100%. This should works Exactly as you said in post.

I agree completely! Good Point, I'm glad someone pointed this out!

True i cant always see how many potions i have in inventory and cant always press them