Some new weapon possibilitys

WilderLord 7 years ago updated by berserkerIL 7 years ago 3

These are some possibility's for weapons that could be added to the game as i under stand that rez wants to add more weapons.

feel free to look at whatever interests you

Cross bow:

crossbow would be kind of like a gun. i understand that many players want a gun to be added so how about this instead. so its kind of like the bow but takes twice as long to lode and moves 3 times the speed. it cant track enemy's but is still very hard to avoid due to its speed. the bolts are small and black and deal 1 more damage than bow.

costs the same as bow. the crossbow special shoots 3 bolts quickly.


it looks like a metal spike ball on a chain dragged behind the player. the morning star is a very heavy weapon and to show this the player using it moves 20% slower. however to make up for the players speed loss on an attack the player lunges forwards a small distance to hit faster enemy's. it deals half damage threw shields. the morning star costs 3000 coins. on a special the player roots themselves to the ground and spins for a while dealing 4 damage in a large radius and knocking enemy's over.

Fire staff:

the fire staff could look like the ice staff but have fire on the top. similar fire to the old campfires. the fire staff would shoot fire balls which explode in a radius. the fire bolts can be shot like the ice staff or built up. the longer the player holds the larger the fire ball will be and the more explosion radius it will have on impact. if fully charged it deals 3 damage on impacts and 1 when blocked. it costs 2600 coins. on a special the player shoots a giant fire ball which knocks over enemy's on a hit and catches them on fire.


all attacks the Mace does knock back there target. the mace looks like hammer but has a ball on the end instead of a cube. it deals half damage threw blocks but is still stunned. on a build up attack the player knocks the player back very far and over but still deals normal damage. on a special the player leaps up and make an unavoidable attack to the nearest enemy. it deals 1 damage and knocks them over. the weapon costs 2000 coins.


the rapier is an agile close combat weapon. it attacks 30 percent faster than other weapons. players with a rapier move as fast as with no weapon. on a build up attack the lunge forwards in a stab position and have 50 percent chance to disarm the target if they are attacking to. they get stunned for half as long. it costs 2600 coins. on a special it has a sudden burst of speed and lunges forwards doing 6 attacks over 2 seconds. if blocked player is still not stunned and other attacks can still deal damage. while doing it they player is invulnerable.

note to rez: if you like or plan to add one of these ideas please tell me.

if you have a flail you cant be stunned and have invincibility while recovering from an attack.

you made this weapons to much OP!!!