Limited Arrows for Archer

Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago updated by Seal (Im still alivee) 7 years ago 17

At spawn/respawn player with arc will start with 15 arrows. - Fire arrow isn't using any arrow - Archer can get next arrows by getting bones, so you have your own points + bonus arrows

1 bone point = +5 arrows

2 bones point = +10 arrows

3 bones point = +15 arrows.

When player lose all arrows, he can only fight melee and use fire arrow. Arrows count could be on right down corner of game screen.

If you want some changes in this idea, post it here, but i think it's ok now.


This make bow useless. Bow now is good in my opinion, especially after last update.


Yes, but it looks like you have infinity of arrows, this make me angry, they don't have any arrows on their back and shooting arrows what appear from nowhere. Archer is now some like mage, he just spawns fire arrows and can spawn arrows from nowhere, and it looks unfair. But ok, i will think from where they can get arrows.


No i think will be cool when you can find arrows, but not from bones.


(unpopular opinion)

i think its nice but maybe if it ws 10 arrows for each bone its would be more fair


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