Negative Stamina Glitch

The Shopkeeper 7 years ago updated by Vigilante Gaming 7 years ago 3

If you constantly spam the wand charge attack, you lose stamina.

But, you can still shoot one ice ball with no stamina.

So if you spam single ice ball charges, this happens:

Image 462

I call it "negative stamina" because if you have any negative stamina you can't do any stamina taking actions other than the wand charge attack. It slowly degrades like regular stamina regenerates. You can have an infinite amount of negative stamina, too.

Image 463


other problem with stamina: when you respawn, if your stamina was low before death, it isn't going to fill to max but it's going to stay at the moment it was before death.

Good work bro. I not noticed this one bug.

Keep up the good work, Shopkeeper.