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Smoogle 7 years ago updated by Vykrad 7 years ago 22

Well,there is a limit of coins that it kinda annoy me.It happened yesterday was to be reached up to 800 coins. Today, that limit was not reset, only dropped 30 of 800. I was like .. What the h*ll?

Why do i ask that? because I need more coins! I really WANT TO BUY the archer, and i have only 2100 coins. I need 300 more.They're easy to reach, but that limit, however, for what is there?

Thank you anyway.Image 735

For every eight hours slowly refreshes located 200 coins. it means that the entire refresh timer lasts 32 hours for 800 coins. I think it is a fair system.

Under review

For every hour it drops by 8.3

24 hours = 200

4 days = 800

Oh i see you little change the refreshing system. Good to know.


It was always like that - I've only extended the cap to 800 for players who can only play on weekends :)

X not rekt

O rekt

O super rekt

O t-rekt

XD i was on only weekends for a while:)

Can you make weekends 2 days longer? Only 3 days in work :D


Thanks for replying back,i understand,thanks! Now i can understand how is it working.

I WAS SO happy of this update yeah so every 12 days you can something which cost 2400

people, buy coins! Rez need eat! xd

umm,i need to eat too,you know.. i dont live with air.. (sorry Rez)

I can't buy :( i don't have credit card


I think that if it was the ability to purchase coins by SMS Rez would be rich. Unfortunately, the majority of players also do not have credit cards (so I think)


Or by paysafecard

This is too good idea.

I doubt that SMS payments are popular anywhere outside Poland

I think that they should denounce the players from other countries as it is. I think also that even in Poland can be a lot to earn on this method of buying coins, and not only here. Probably most players are in the age group 10-16 years and I think that most people in this age do not have credit cards, but have phones :)

I would use SMS to pay, as I don't have a credit card =D

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When adding a post on userecho sometimes it appears at the top until you reload the page :D

Me neither.

You dont need a papal,just buy a prepaid 5$ card at any retailer,then opt in for papal payments you can use the prepaid card their