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Wilds getting 3D!

Tytanowy Janusz 7 years ago updated by phacanu 7 years ago 32

I've decided to separate this topic from "winter" map.

I'm almost done with these pseudo-3D tiles, miss only couple of them (required to create pseudo-depressions in the ground).

Here are results of last 2 evenings :)

Image 518

omaigaad :O

you are a artist titanoswy!

I want to draw as well as you do!

I must admit this feature is rather impressive, but can the game take this addition without being laggy?

I'm sorry to insist, but I have not received any response, I'm a veteran player and although I'm not at the top of all the pvp I consider myself good, so I would like to join the Vigilantes

Hah good work Khargok :D

Joining is only half of the battle, we are an invite only guild but I accept your offer to join our guild. You will have to take an entrance test - one of our members will have to invite you to our chat.

Current tileset has 233 kB and is downloaded strictly to players computer before entering the game.

With these tiles, the file should not exceed 500 kB, so it will be still small enough.

In such huge maps as ruins, addition of maybe 50 tiles like these should not change anything significantly.


I forgot that this is so addictive...

+1 Excellent!

Please do stairs. I wanna see stairs or some sort of ramp to let my eyes know I am moving from one level to another.

I will do some stairs, as well as east, west and north openings :)

With these, it will be basically a complete set of fully customizable tiles. Of course this is only a part of the job, because Rez will have to assign proper collisions to them.

Under review

> proper collisions

I was thinking all night how to implement that tileset because I do not have such thing as Z axis - and I have came to conclusion that we can use wall that pass you only in one direction.

These are two possibilities:

In 1, ones path will be blocked by wall, but jumping off the cliff is allowed (so wall can be passed in that direction).

In 2, both walls and cliffs are impenetrable by the player, this configuration is applied in most games (so one can go up or down only through stairs or ramps).

Also, it will be cool to decide if players should be allowed to shoot projectiles from the top. This may give archers and mages some advantage :)


If it has been added, in my opinion players should not be able jumping off cliffs. They should work as walls.

Oh yes! Beautiful! +1,000 if I could!


Ramps are ready as well. I think that this should be enough to make something cool. Maybe later I will add some different front corners. At this point tiles are done :)


I am getting wet :D

I have marked which tile fits to another, because it may not be obvious in some cases :)


red <-> green

orange <-> blue

yellow <-> purple

dark red <-> pale green

light yellow have to be joined as they are presented here, they don't fit to other tiles (these are front ramp fragments)

It may take me a whole weak to add it to editor, my engine is not ready for the tiles that have collision masks higher than the floor level.

Well done. Gratz for idea and good job (^^)

Fantastic work Tytanowy, if I may ask - what is your in-game name?

We have numerous graphic artists for wilds.io in our guild. I was wondering if you'd like to join the Vigilantes guild?

Currently I'm not looking for a guild, waiting for implementation of official guild system :)

No problem, I understand that! Besides the guild, you have fantastic work. Keep it up, guild member or not anyone helping the wilds.io community is a friend of mine!


So far so good. I am not sure if it's going to work. I am too lazy to split all these into 64x44 tiles so I am rewriting the whole map engine to support tiles without size and offset restrictions

Rezoner i shore you can do it keep going

keep make this this game epic!!!

Keep Going Rezoner!

this is reallly great news,i cant wait to jump from hilltops and slam my bigman axe unto thier heads