I have banned Seva.

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 18

I know he/she is one of the first-batch wilds.io players and I can tolerate a lot - but non accidental act of making the forum unusable for others is beyond my threshold of patience.

I am banning Seva not for posting low quality ideas and trying to take-over the forum with omni presensce - but for that single post which deliberately decreases usability of the forum.

To be clear - I don't care if it's intentionally making it hard for everyone or just a result of bad taste - one that harm others should be isolated from the community and if that's possible helped/healed - but not at the cost of innocent people contributing to the society.

edit: I have moved the comment to a separate topic so you can see it live

Image 509

Everyone is responsible for their deeds. I think that a limit has been exceeded, and I hope more will no longer such a situation at the forum. Forum should be a place to discuss about bugs and ideas and not place for paste the senseless images. I understand when someone from time to time use meme as a joke, but what too much is not healthy.

Good choice,in some posts he goes ham on the wat or pepe memes


im sorry for him

very good choice thank you Rezoner


Is totally banned? Will not have a second chance?


Very good choice, i seriously hated her idiotic comments


his or her

Gender equality


I think she's girl.


why the fuck did you guys bump this




Yeah I don't think that people should be posting pictures/memes unless they are relevant to your idea or a screenshot of a bug. If you want to chat with people you can go to Discord.


this is so funny


Seva resurected?


haha no im a shitty person only fuck rezoner only for fun :)