Goblins ideas

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 4 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 3 years ago 12

Hi Rezoner i know you say NO BOSSES but you dont sayng about monsters :) and i make some versions. goblin archer= just goblin who is shot in to the you 2 hits to kill goblin bomber this goblin will throw BOMBS in to the you Drop bomb *not mine* when you throw bomb this explode by 5 sec but big explode. needs 1 hit to kill. Goblin-spider leader his needs 3 hits to kill *His have a armour* before the attack, he will open cage and spider will jump on you. Spider=new monster need 1 hit t kill but spider will jumping on you *Like from MiNuCrUfT XD* Before you kill a spider Goblin will attack you and deals 3 damage DROP one armour and knife. LOL And final..................... Goblin leader THIS IS NOT BOSS! attacks= brass knuckle-dagger deals 7 damage + chance to bleeding *Bleeding is a new effect=you will taking a damage by 5 sec* attack 2=dagger of radioactive electric energy deals 10 damage and radioactive shock *Radioactive shock is a 2 effect you cant move and deals 3 damage by 7 sec, and animation like some guy hit you with shocker Hp needs 15 hits to kill DROP 10 golden coins and 5 bronze and silver coins, and one key to unlock dagger of radioactive electric energy *so long name XD*is the essence Game will have secret weapons and you cant unlock it with money=you need to collect keys for DAGG OF RAD ELECT ENERG you need to collect 5 keys from Goblin Leader. END OF IDEA

Again I T S N O T B O S S E S T H I S I S M O N S T E R S !


yees, is cool idea. Thanks seva :)

(The last goblin is a rogue goblin from the world of warcraft xD)

PD: seva pls no spam meme wat xd

Ok and yeah its from WoW. I WILL NEVER POST A WAT



NEeDs MoRe VoTeS111111111111111111111111