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I am going to mix ruins and desert map

Rezoner1337 7 years ago updated by achillesRising (aR) 7 years ago 25

Most of the ruins map is not being used - the only crowded areas are marketplace and temple (treasure room).

1) There are a lot of tiles - which drain CPU needlesly - so I have decided to remove most of the floor - all in all these are ruins, so it's ok to have walls in the sand.

2) Playing ruins I have come to conclusion that there isn't much space for focused combat in smaller groups - I would like to bring that back - hence I will leave marketplace and temple but remove everything around it and turn it into the old desert with rocks and quicksands.

3) I will improve wall vs ground contrast by adding a slight outline at the top of the walls.


1+ Good idea, add sandpits xd

Sandpits need to come back!!! plz add them in new map

Do you plan to add free world? :v

Under review

No, the game doesn't earn enough. I would need additional programmer and artist because managing and improving what we already have takes all of my time.

In the future, do you think it could be done? (Relatively close)

I'm curious how it will affect the popularity of the ruins but the awareness that players will have more strategic places on the map gives a good prognosis. So far, desert terrain was quite empty. I went there just as I get bored or when someone challenged me to pvp.

I hope that the players will be more likely to walk in other places.

I also have a question:

Which program you using to design the maps?

And also for design the furniture, walls etc.

I have already replaced the map - I will be just adding more things to it now. First step was not to provide more meaningful places but open the space for less dense fights - I think adding more respawn points did the job.

I am using my own map editor.

Bought tiles there https://kenney.itch.io/kenney-isometric-assets - using GIMP to rework them to my needs.

Thanks for info. I think that I'll do a couple of maps and add in the forum. I mean the small maps that can be an example for the future if you created the map. I have some cool ideas that I wanted to show.

I noticed too in the current ruins players now explore 70-80% of the map and this is much better than last ruins. The spawn points work really good.

Btw can you send me graphics of fruits and shops? I want use this in my example project.

egze As you do the scenarios, what programs do you use?

Generally i use only gimp 2, but sometimes i use too paint. This is so easy program to make fast screenshots etc.


good, thanks. pls acept me in gmail chat, already uploaded to the photos in forums

rezoner you what program use for to develop?


Oh no... you really seem to be surprised at that.

Wherever you put the two spawn points, action is going to happen always in between. (Plus the temple, because that also attracts folk, for obvious reasons.) So you don't have to delete everything. Just make sure to either put the two spawn points in opposite corners of the map (or the part where you want action), or alternatively, create other attractive sites in the inactive corners of the map. I personally hate the overcrowded marketplace, so I would welcome that.

Bringing quicksand back is a cool idea, but unless you change the spawn locations, no one is ever going to go there.


I feel like these outlines don't have to be that dark, it looks a bit unnatural now.

i agree,there should be almost no outlines,it looks really weird

It would be nice to add a few new places on the map, and back return abyss. And the updated map I like.

Were the sand worms removed?

First time i saw this i thought the game is gona be bad because of that,but there were more small battles like in the old days of wilds.io

removing some walls did the job,now there are huge battles!thx rezoner!

Rezoner, I think moving the spawns back just a little bit more would be great, as 70% of the action still is in the market and treasure room.