summoner staff

berserkerIL 4 years ago updated 4 years ago 16

make new weapon summoner staff

milee attak deals 1 dmg

charge attak - summon a charging goblin who attack only enemies

special attack - summon a bear that follow you (like annie in lol)


is good idea but i would change the summons

i lije goblin more than skeleton

Please just go away man really? RIGHT AFTER THE UPDATE GJ. *Facepalm

Needs adjustments

open for ideas

We just had the update for the wand, I can reassure you 100% that this post will not change the game in any sort of way.

it jast pop in my mind so I said it.

it can be idea for next update although I know this update bring a lot of bags to fix so next update will be in long time


I would like to invoke more in the Druid plan, to invoke creatures of nature like animals: wild boars, roots that entangle the enemies, etc. Things like that

like your idea

Copiar LoL? isso seria um insulto a Rezoner, que vem trabalhando sozinho tentando fazer algo único e divertido, mesmo que ele tenha tirado ideias de outro jogo. Pórem fazer algo idêntico já é outra Historia..

it not have to be copy of LOL.

Rezoner is a genius he could find better and cooler staff it is just the main idea

(translate :"Copy LoL? That would be an insult to Rezoner, who has been working alone trying to do something unique and fun, even if he has come up with ideas from another game. To do something similar is another story ..")

Rezoner what do you think?

plz read this Rez