Bugs relating wand

Egzekutor 8 years ago updated by Rezoner1337 7 years ago 10

1. The skill of freezing does not work properly:

When you use the special skill and freeze an opponent he still can block attacks and perform limited movements like dash, roll, melee attack etc. I suspect that this is the unintended effect and need be repaired.

2. Uncontrolled roll after use special skill:

When you will use the skill of freezing the hero itself does roll. This happens everytime after use special skill.

(I heard the same bug happens after using bow special ability but i not test this)

3. Beam passes through the walls:

This bug in the right hands can be very dangerous and unfair. Thanks to him you can without any sort of losses attack enemies behind walls in spawn or in other places. Should be rapaired soon as possible.



Consider it done

And this is only a drop in the ocean of bugs

I hope everyone of them can be fix.

the roll bag happened in bow too

Under review

Regarding the beam - I am removing it and switching to some rapidfire ice balls. The beam doesn't play well with the update rate of the game - it's hard to aim.

what with the uncontrolled roll after special attack in bow and wand?


first of try using R instead of scroll - maybe that's even more convenient
anyway I will fix that of course

Ok, when you update this I will do tests and say that if everything is okay.

I will write it here so as not to clutter up the forum. And so it is already too much spam.

I can confirm that roll happens after a arrow special

I think at this moment all bugs in this post is repaired so topic can be closed.


Consider it done