possible hammer buff?

Poke Hano 8 years ago updated by Ukryty(Still alive 04 03 2021) 7 years ago 6

honestly the hammer i feel needs a buff. Reasons: its special is so useless. It can be easily blocked. Aswell its not even with getting the hammer when theres the sword which has a duration and people during that particualr area are hurt. Due to the special being practically useless due to block. Aswell the sword has an area effect where as the hammer hits those in front. SO is this a good enough reason for a buff whatever. Anyways DONT GET SALTY chill. and say your responses :)>

I do not know what to say xD, I'm a fan of the sword xddd

Sword is the best (my opinion) cuz its easy to make a tactic with it!

And hammers are not useless they can break gates of the fort!

Still it needs a buff...

yeah i agree but hammer does like 1/4 damage of the hp which is alot

wtf u 2 bumping the heal outa things

u need the spear buff, not hammer

besides, hammer is the only weapon that can break down doors

bump my posts instead

you forgot about highest damage of all weapons: 2.5 damage per hit.