Hello grand Poland game dev god Rezoner i have idea

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 2 years ago • updated by Moms Spaghetti 1 year ago 5

Rezoner pleas finaly make hats more usefull. What the hell we just lose our coins to just be beautiful. Pleas make some like that *i thing now is easest idea and you can make this so fast* *but no again i dont say REZONER MAKE THIS OR I KILL YOU1111* no its just idea. Ok no helmet=not amour, cape=no armour,horn helmet 1 armour *bonus idea for horn helmet* you can tear one horn and when some enemie is knock down you can do some like that IMAGE. *sorry for crooked image inserting* you can use this attack one time* *when you die you will cant use this attack 5 mins for balance*, fox mask more faster no armour, spartan helmet slughty stronger attacks and kick reload faster *THIS IS SPARTAA!*,and 5 armour, Indiana Jones hat =chance to droping coins from crates and you can use whip {press u} to pull and strike enemie, no armour skull helmet no amorur and no abilitys, Santa hat=no armour but inecrase chance to drop prise box END OF IDEA

Gray knights image for horn lemet SPARTA! image for spartan helmet *image just for laugh* *When you know what this is*

wow, good idea, well job :)

yes, qizard hat gives more stamina, legion helmet +0.5dmg, etc