And again its Seva and i have another idea for you Rezoner

Seva Kotletki S Pureschkoy 4 years ago updated by Moms Spaghetti 3 years ago 6

Make a variants of goblins here are some that I thought. Goblin warrior= just clasic goblin with armor and weapons *all weapons and armour random* when his dont have bib his needs one hit to kill when have two. KAMIKAZE GOBLIN HIS EXPLODES *BOOM*. (And now leaders bosses and mini bosses) Super goblin=just big goblin needs 3 hits to kill Mega goblin=more big goblin with four hands needs 5 hits to knock out and 3 hits for kill. ULTRA GOBLIN MEGA LARGE GOBLIN WITH 6 HANDS NEEDS 20 HITS TO KNOCK DONW AND 10 HITS TO MORE KNOCK DOWN AND 5 HITS TO KILL!. and prise goblin Leader goblin human size but at one head tall than clasic barbarian, using 2 poison daggers and hook sword droping 0ne hp potion one rage *yellow* potion one knife and one bomb *can place the bombs* END OF IDEA!

Oh i forget goblin warrior not rare KAMIKAZE low rare super goblin rare mega goblin rare ULTRA GOBLIN mega rare goblin leader not to rare and spawn with 4 goblin warriors


I actually like this idea.

yes please, this will never die