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New type of helmets

Egzekutor 7 years ago updated by I EAT RULES FOR BREAKFAST 7 years ago 25

Hi all, I want to present to you today a few ideas for new helmets, which could be in the game. I chose the colors so you can match the helmets to the team that likes to play more. I tried to be chosen to match the current graphic style, yet could in some way to stand out. Please, share The views that you like them and which are not!

Image 239

For REAL archers :3

Image 236

Faster than wind!

Just idea.

Image 237

Crusader in grey team?

Samurai helmet and perhaps also a new sword in the future? :3

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3rd one is a red KKK hood...

Or an excecutioner's hood

Kek bumped one of my first posts xD Well My nickname in Polish mean Executioner, but exeggcutor (pokemon) sounds very similar so i maked small word game :p This is reason why i put this hood in the helmets ideas :D

still a problem is, the expensiveness of the helmets.


one problem more helmets need more gold :/


first time i like these kind of comment XD

I just want a Katana Lol ;) (THATS ALL I WANT REZ PLEASE ADD IT)

already sword and claws, how would kantana be special?

I made 2 topics about crusader helmet, so i will support this topic

This is awesome


i want to see the Knight one, i know this is supose to be a Barbaric one but i will love to have that one with the cape :3

well actually egz told me to enter here to watch the idea so idk how old it was just commented, but i still want the helmet of a knight tho

Lol we haven't posted every single one


We just want new helmets, but personally I'd buy the executioner's hood or the plague doctor's mask

Not really... we can have stuff from Skyrim... :)

Daedric Helmett

Ebony Helmet


This post have 6 months and that was one of my first posts on forum :v


i know you said something like that in the past "i can see google images too" or something like that, but still i will love to have a cape combo with knight hat! idk if the idea if populat enough. maybe with your last idea of the full wolf hat?

Knight hat + grey team = BEST LOOK EVER!

Fajne ta czapki by były. Na krucjatę bym poszedł z takim hełmem. Jeśli chcesz mogę ustalić ceny.? 

bump... really want the daedric helmet in this game.