Bear Mode and Capture the Flag

TheLegion27 2 years ago • updated by berserkerIL 2 years ago 2

Bear Mode

So my idea for a game mode would be one where there are two teams, and the goal is to find a key, and to find this key there would be a maze where both teams battle to bring the key to their gate. Once someone gets to the key, they would have to pick it up, but the catch is you can't attack while holding the key. Inside both of the teams doors would be a bear (or any sort of boss) and once that boss is defeated, the game ends. This is just a possibility, but if one team uses the key, then the other team has to retrieve it from their gate and bring it to their teams.

Capture the Flag

This idea isn't that complicated but the basic idea is, there are two flags, and the goal is to get the other team's flag. While carrying the flag you can't attack so you'll either need to be a master evader or get some help from team mates. You'd have to get the other team's flag three times for the game to end.

Thanks for taking the time to read my idea and I hope this ends up in the game.