Add Lava Pits or Fire Pits, and a Cliff Border

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First of all, great job on the game! I support the game via Patreon and think this game is going somewhere. I have a couple of suggestions that I hope you and the community will consider.
Lava pits.
I know that currently there are bottomless pits, and those are good. But I've been asking around in the chat while playing, and for some reason when I suggest lava pits a lot of people seem to think it's an awesome idea. Maybe there's just something about fighting around lava pits that seems epic (Obi-Wan vs Anakin, anyone?).
I don't think it would be that hard to implement - just use the collision system that the bottomless pit uses, plus some new animation with bubbling lava and for when people fall in, along with a blackened rock background texture. If you trick goblins into jumping into them they will die. The bear (or yeti?) and sandworms will avoid going into the lava pit, just like they avoid going into the bottomless pits. If items/coins fall in, then they burn up.
Lastly, it would be cool (but not necessary) if there was a narrow wood bridge spanning the lava, leading to key areas. The bridge wouldn't have rails, so people can fall off into the lava.
Fire Pits.
Alternatively, there could be fire pits that block the way to key areas, which can be activated by users but have a relatively long cooldown time (perhaps as long as the spells users currently have).
To activate the trap, a user walks over a pressure plate that is nearby (behind a wall, for example). The cooldown time can be indicated by a little "loading bar" underneath the pressure plate. The pressure plate should be within view of the fire pit so that people know when there's someone there to activate it. People can walk over the fire pit while it is off, but if it is activated and someone walks over it, it does 1 damage per second. The fire pit lasts for 4 seconds, that way if a user stands (or has fallen) on it for the whole duration, they receive as much damage as a knife would deal.
Finally, the line and walls are fine as a border, but the game would feel more "right" to me if it were surrounded by steep cliffs, like werewolf mentioned in his post here.
What do you guys, and you, Rezoner, think of these ideas?
- Lone Warrior
(A fellow programmer)

I do like 2 and 3 but i feel like 1 is just extra. Not something i'd really like. But i do like fire pits. That could lead to puzzles like using levers and stuff to get to places. Aswell i do like the Border idea

Thanks for the feedback!

I've asked around, and so far about 10-ish people said that the lava pits would be cool.

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This is a very nice and in depth post, Lone Warrior. Keep it up! Besides that, I'd like to see this implanted in the game but I'd like to see a killable worm method before this is added.

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make lava pits instead of void, and cliff on the edge of the map is es-entail. make them impossible to pole volt over tho.

wow, some cool ideas here

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BATTLE ON THE BRIDGE OVER A LAVA PIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Idk, this idea is a little useless tho.

The pressure plate was my idea.

......please DON'T put these in arena stages....void and worms are bad enough. >:l