Your comments

well, the mage, first the desing xD locks badass at first let`s see if in the game will be equal,

now, about the game play, weak long atacks = knife 1/4 stong but with recharge

the right click scroll up thing xD some sort of rock/fire/ice atack (this gave me an idea about a man discuss as the other team and boom! knife uo his a**)

insted of kicks, long range stuning atack, no damage, no so much time but, blockable or just the wind

may be a barrier 360º/180º with scroll down? (no effect on knife or grande to balance) last 1 sec

normal roll to escape things but no headbutt effect

and can you put e right click scroll down to some barrier like power but isted of bock brings down an enemy? no damage but is like a kick with 180º and like mage badass xD

and sorry for my inglish xD

so it going to have a 2 hit = 1 hit? so he can swing faster and can`t block ? may be poison status? oooh! this is evolving in to mmorpg ! xD well if i play with him/her, i`d like to have no kicks, but insted a hit that make you stop but with no damage! does it sond good?