Your comments

FIrst,the game was better... now...

I don't like this update.. Just n00bs.. Is a good game with just 3 hp points.. More ... Better. Now i don't like this game,because Patreons are more powerfully(MORE) and today,if u have 3 hp points and other one 6,u NEVER can kill him.. Neva eva.. (sorry for english,i'm Romanian)

For these all characters need to be a patreon?

But, i play more ranked games... Why i got just lvl 2?

Ah,i'm resolved it. My browser got problems.. I redownload it.

Hmm,attack is with mage,but at two shots the player get hurt(sorry for english I'm romanian) And the skills i do no..

probably your very good and the match can't find another players good like you, or you need to refresh your page. Then try again.