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a few people, will have to go and find the usernames, I'm mad with those. Perhaps someone might remember

I see you act all knowledgable and all, however there is quite the thing you are missing bud. I played 5 years ago back when the graphics were horrible but it was still fun, and the old capture the flag game mode. I'm pretty sure the gray team was wolves and brown/red were bears. So don't assume I'm a new player, I know lots of tricks you can do with dash and what not. When I say the arrow was unexpected, it was clearly unexpected. And pro or not, you will still hit the person at least once or twice by rolling. I'm talking about people who you will never damage by rolling sort of thing. Blocking all damage is a lie,  hammer special attack always ignores my shield. So please kind and "knowledgeable" sir, don't spread false info and think you're the only OG out there.

What leads me to assume is that when people say such things they look like they are covering the cheaters and might be associated/cheating themselves :))

I can totally agree with this post. Not to mention some people have auto kick and auto shield. You roll at them when they don't expect it, they auto kick. I was fighting this one kid and we were sweating so hard on each other. Suddenly a stray arrow appeared on the screen and they kick it while their back was to it. Not to mention they have just used a special attack on me, and the arrows was like super unexpected.