Your comments

Ok thank you for noticing that. A solution would be adding the sprint plus down plus kick. For side kick same just adding holding right click (sprint) plus move left or right plus kick.

But what about the ogre shock wave and hammer fissure. Maybe not change monsters' attack distance but make gates to small areas where you can fight the bear and in another the ogre. Have it when the ogre throws you he throws you over the gate so he can't corner you and keep throwing you. The size of the gated off sections (that you can enter and exit freely) be about 1 quarter of the size of the area in the picture. 

If you see something that doesn't seem right or makes this whole idea terrible please comment.

This would half way work because yes you could go out and get loot but people would just fight to the death at center and the game would  be just like wandering in fort 

wont work sometimes the screen will go black and back but rarely it will get to the main menu but for only a split second