Your comments

Doesn't have to be, but yes I agree that it could have been even if it seems unlikely to me. This community is SO helpful though, thanks very much.

I don't think it has been, I feel pretty certain that hasn't been the case, but the next times it happens I will consider that, since I'll know if I recently left the game or not.

That's true! I should think of that next time I change my name.

Haha what a guy and poor attempt! Did he have the exact same name as you or just very similar?

But this happens to me as I'm playing, not when I've left. And it's even been on the enemy team.

Exactly, that's the most confusing part and it's important to have that rule. I don't know how this person cheated the current system.

This has happened before I leave the game, sometimes when I enter a room. The person has been both on my team and the enemy team. I've never seen anyone else had this happening to them.

Forgot to say that the last time I saw the person it also had a sword, it must have been since I had bought one.