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mh... but how are you sure about that? Can you prove it?

It is not only graveyard which suffers but also servers like fort randomly have massive lag spikes and the game becomes simply unplayable. I hope it will be fixed really soon.

This 'bug' actually started anoying cause I know about it now. 

I've some suggstions for the mobile version of wildsio / mechario.


You know shadow fight, a mobile game? Imo, it's a great game. The way the controlls work. This way of doing actions could be implemented in the mobile version which doesn't require a somewhat big device and it's easier to take actions in short time... Maybe still not as fast as desktop users but it's at least better than having nothing, or I guess, 10 buttons everwhere on the screen. The only thing would be a bit harder to do, is that in shadow fight... you're playing in a 1 dimensional space basically and in wilds / mechar obviously a 2 dimensional space.

Another way, which would need time of the player, is to make the GUI / controlls fully customizable. So it plays well on more device.


By seperating the mobile players from the desktop players (Special mobile servers only accessible by mobile players could be such solution.) could make the gameplay for mobile players more balanced. (or the opposite because of the wide variety of mobile devices.)

Let me know what you think of those suggestions / ideas if you want.