Your comments

and yep again my account is gone :(

,my coins ,my weapons all i gone

i,m not a gramatic

but all is gone so is pain that im fell now


i think for repeat the messages much times

i not share the game again :(

Dzięki za wsparcie :)

The shield are a pretty op 


like a hotkey to open the backpack ?

The Badpack are a rarely object

you can get the backpack of 2 forms

1)In the chests you rarely found the badpack 

30-40% to get him in the chests


PD:Yeah is rare find a back pack on a chest but (for me) Is a little OP get 2 slots 

For what If you are all of life potions 2 in the back pack and two in the inventory you regenerate your life instantly

And More how to have 2 mines in the backpack and 2 in the inventrory you can destroy the two fort doors so is rarely for them

2-In the boxes You PRETTY rarely found the badpack

10-15% to get him in the boxes


and no no all wearing only if you search in the boxes or chests

so dude solved no ?

sorry for not add this to the post i nevermind sorry well bye

ah sorry i not specificate him wait a moment