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Whoever does the bash first would knock over the other player I think.

But that's not my alt, that's my ally's alt!

no its Eggplant Lord Eggplant Disciple Eggplant Apprentice Eggplant Mercenary and Eggplant Slave

I have multiple accounts.

I needed a cape for my alternate account! ;_;

I think someone already made a post on it and rezoner said he just made it to teach noobs how to repair the gate.

No, I meant the player can choose 1 of those 4 ranks to show on the side not that every message appears 4 times with each rank. Why would I want each message to appear 4 times ._.

you bet they are

Yes I agree, but there should be an "auto-spectate" option in the settings too so someone (like me) wouldn't have to manually click the spectate button all the time.

um did you try pressing tab to change your chatting region so you cant see what he says