Put 16 pieces of wood in gate of fort quest bug.

Wordify 7 years ago updated by Mistodel 7 years ago 14

So during this quest, it says to rebuild the gate using 16 pieces of wood. First of all, it does not take 16 pieces of wood to rebuild it. Second of all, you can throw wood in when the gate is rebuilt already. Therefore, this quest is utterly useless except for cutting down trees. 

I agree.And not just that,u need to damage gate fully every once in a while.

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Take in also the annoying baby d*cks who always show when you are collecting wood.

Not to say,these sons of b*tches mostly camp in area u died.

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Love that +1

I think someone already made a post on it and rezoner said he just made it to teach noobs how to repair the gate.

Well,it's no use for advanced players like you and others.

I think description of this quest should be changed to "Put 16 pieces of wood to fort gate without dying" - "without dying" is because it's the only version I ever got. If there is version that you can die, you know I never knew this quest exist.

This is intentional, Rez said so somewhere

He just wants newbies to learn how to fix the gate