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Fixed. Thanks!

And now I see the ads when I wait with the timer :)

It's a blocker because :

- When you respawn, your score is computed from your previous score

- In a ranked game, if you die, you need to reload the browser...

The game need more active players :)

Yes deathmatch is a good idea because I discovered the teams only after 3 games :)

Without any mouse, I binded my pad as below & iterate 3 times.

Result: I was the 1st of all sessions even versus pro players in ranked games.

My favorite controls:

Left stick & D-Pad - Move

Right stick - Aim (with a mouse speed near to 80%)

A - Jump

B - Roll/Leap

X - Hit

Y - Health Potion

RB - Block

LB - Kick/Crush or Run

RT - Knife

LT - Mine

Try it & you will love it as I love this game!

And for the team: If a console version is on your roadmap, I know people at Microsoft who will be happy to publish your game on Xbox ;)