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A little about the update

Rezak 7 years ago updated 7 years ago 15

1. Error

The first thing that I want to draw everyone's attention to very huge size of the card.Requires more than two minutes to get from the center to the corner.Image 624

In some places there are gaps in the walls. Here is an example Image 625

2. The shortcomings and what should be corrected

All fall like falling from mountains, it's too silly when the enemy from rolling jumps on the meter
The shield looks as if not kept at hand, and levitates.

Remove the fall from a blow on the mountain, greatly interfere when you can fall in the heat of the battle due the mountain.

3. What followed add

You must add at least one safe place for all teams, and that will hurt for five minutes absence is to lose 100 bones.

Let be shields different colors for teams.

It is necessary to add a door-trap in some places, as well as boxes and a little landscape

P.S. I hope the translator does not greatly failed me, and you will be able to read it ;)
I didn't know what category to put this post, so put in “idea“ :V

    I experienced all u said gj

    btw the song is autoplay XD...


    I think some sounds are missing

    Under review

    I am not adding safe places. They are being abused too much and it's not an RPG really :)


    Making the jerk from this wall, you can go through it

    Will fix that, thanks


    Can take place not only through it :C

    rezoner the walls can be gone through by dashing into them pls fix it...


    It is nice that you have reduced the map but not so :C Expand it to end of the screen


    Players without a team after the death crashes incomprehensible thing


    Projectiles go through walls


    Nice post. I like the changes in general and potential for defending positions but agree that the map is quite large


    Here is another hole in walls


    You Can also dash through walls probably in every one place.

    I not have screen because its to hard to make one :P